Creating jobs and feeding families

The roots of this business derived from knowing that the most hard working, creative and honest people that I have ever met are struggling to feed their families because of the shutdown. Their main income is tourism and it stopped completely. I contacted a local family to send money for food after seeing a video on facebook of them distributing uncooked rice. They said we do not want charity, we want to work! So we formed this company to create jobs around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. We formed a charity called the Chavajay Women’s College Fund which is helping two girls go to college, one in nursing school, one to be a teacher. Every sale contributes to putting food on a family’s table. All products are hand woven, handmade, authentic, of fine craftsmanship, one of a kind works of art and carry the magical energy from Lake Atitlan. My first boat ride across Lago de Atitlan transformed my life forever and it is my favorite place in the world. All of Thats Mayan is family. Thank you for your support for this great cause.