A message from the first recipients of the Chavajay Women’s College Fund.

My name is Brenda Vicenta Chavajay Mendez, I am 23 years old, I live in San Pedro La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala. in a wonderful place surrounded by mountains, volcanoes and a very beautiful lake, Lake Atitlan.
I have a very beautiful family, I have 1 sister and 2 brothers, I live with my parents, I love studying, I am making new friends at university, a new and beautiful experience for me, I am learning many new things.
I have a dream to be a doctor and help the neediest people in my hometown. In my hometown we do not have nursing universities for that reason I have to leave my family and continue to fulfill my dream, economically it has been a challenge for me because I do not have the necessary resources to pay for my university and pay other expenses. My university is located in Sololá, Guatemala, it is one hour from my hometown where I live, to get to the university I have to cross the lake by boat and then take a chicken bus.
I am helping very needy people with limited resources who cannot afford a medical consultation, I am visiting them with free medical consultations in my mother tongue Tzutujil, I have realized that there are many people in my hometown who are very grateful for the help that they receive. I am giving, and thank God I have been able to do it with what I am learning in college.
I really appreciate your support for Thats Mayan so that I can achieve my dream, God bless.


My name is Elena Maribel Chavajay Mendez, I am 17 years old, I was born in San Pedro La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala. A very beautiful town, with mountains, volcanoes and a beautiful lake, Lago de Atitlan.

I am studying Pre-primary Teaching, I chose this career because I like teaching and working with children, I have always liked to make an effort in my studies and get good grades.
After graduating from Pre-primary Teaching, I will continue studying at the University, and thus achieve my great dream.
In school I have obtained merits for being a student with good grades, and my parents are very proud of that, they motivate me a lot to keep going, although financially it is a challenge for us.
I am making new friends and learning a lot at my school, my school is in Antigua Guatemala, 3 hours from my hometown by bus, I had to leave my family and friends to fulfill my dream, now I live with a local family in Antigua Guatemala, because in my hometown we do not have schools to study the career I chose.
I really appreciate your support to Thats Mayan because with what you contribute I will be able to continue and fulfill my dream. God bless you.